Facial care and hair removal set

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Enjoy soft and radiant skin with this 3-in-1 pack, which includes:
1. Electric Facial Cleansing Brush: To remove impurities and excess oil and deeply cleanse the skin.
2. Facial and body hair removal pen: To remove unwanted hair easily and effectively from every area of ​​the face and body.
3. Eyebrow hair removal pen: To clean and shape eyebrows precisely and easily.
the benefits:
– Restore smooth and radiant skin.
– Exfoliates dead skin to reveal radiant and youthful skin.
– Reduce and erase fine lines and blackheads.
– Getting rid of acne and impurities.
– Easy to clean and save.
– It runs on electricity and comes with a charger for convenient charging.
Get the 3-in-1 pack now and enjoy healthy, beautiful skin! 🌟


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Facial care and hair removal set
14.20 $
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