Brazilian collagen protein for hair care

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1- Wash your hair. You must wash your hair well, and wash your hair 3 times, focusing on your hair itself, not on the scalp. Do not use shampoo or hair conditioner.
2- Apply the product to the hair, comb your hair well, and divide it into four sections to facilitate the distribution of the protein on the hair and ensure that it penetrates the roots.
3- Leave the protein on your hair until it is completely absorbed by the hair, for at least 3 hours
4- Using a ceramic iron, divide your hair into four sections, then use a ceramic iron to straighten the hair from the roots to the ends of the hair, so that the protein penetrates the hair. Repeat hair straightening until no trace of the product is left on your hair.
5- It can also be used at home because the way the protein works on the hair is not difficult.


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Brazilian collagen protein for hair care
13.50 $
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